April 25, 2012

We've got a beautiful sunset over here

Well it's 1 in the morning and I'm still awake because I promised you guys that I would blog about my Holy Week Adventure and I'm pretty sure you guys are very curious about the title of this blog post.

Well, I spent my holy week at my grandparents' hometown, Pampanga. Actually, I've been annually spending my holy week in Pampanga. This is also the time when I get to see my cousins from the province because almost all of my relatives are from Pampanga.

I know you guys are wondering, "what does she do in Pampanga every year? Doesn't she get bored?"
Well, what does one do when she's in the province?? EAT...SLEEP...TAKE PICTURES...SWIM. hahaha
OKAY...Let's face the fact that I'm a city girl, I can't live outside civilization (just kidding:)) but that's how we call it) but despite the need for techie stuffs, it's also nice that once in a while, you take a break from all those stuffs and relax with nature, after all people were once techie-less, right? ;)

We get to see locals who do their annual "panata" (it's like sacrificing and reenacting the things Jesus went through before He died) and from the looks of it, the cross is very heavy :(

pool-side at night :) (no filter)

beautiful sunset by the fields  (no filter)

YES, we do have tiger cubs :) we also have mommy and daddy tigers ;);)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Every year, We celebrate our "Paule kids day". We started this 4 or 5 years ago. What we do during this time of the year is that we play games, give gifts and just bond and have fun with each other. This year, the host is my guy cousin. He was in-charge of every single game, of course our parents were the ones in-charge of food and prizes;) HAHA

See how happy we were? :) We were also joined by my uncle's sister and her family (because we could bring guests with us ;) hahaha

So if you thought that I only spent my week with fun and laughter...Wait for my next blog post to see a more spiritual side of my trip to Pampanga :) Stay Tuned :)

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