January 06, 2013


During December, one of the things that my family looks forward to except for Christmas Eve is New Year's Eve. Let's admit that it's more fun celebrating the "eves" of occasions than the day itself, right? :D

 Well anyway....on New Year's Eve, my family decided on that WE WILL NOT BUY FIREWORKS/FIRECRACKERS! why? Well....we've been traumatized with the endless precautions regarding fireworks + nowadays, buying those is just a waste of money. So we all decided to have a simple dinner with loud music :)

Hold your horses...i know you're confused right now :))) That firecracker above was our purchase 2 years ago...yes! My dad was crazy back then! He bought this and wasted a looooooot of money:| I posted this photo because I want everyone to see that there exist a Giant firecracker!! :))))

So anyway...back to my story...What we only did that NYE was we went outside and watched our neighbors light up their fireworks!!

 Of course...I wouldn't want to celebrate NY in a simple outift (shirt and shorts) so I decided that I should dress up for 2013!

Sweater: Forever21
skirt and wedge : Cotton on
bag: Coach
bangles: Wade
ring: H&M
lippy: Avon

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HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS :) Always remember that even though we've gone through a lot of downs last 2012, the best is yet to come in 2013, there's still hope for a better life :) Just Remember to  Live your life like it's your last!

Glam Freak ;)

November 29, 2012


Last Thursday, my brother asked me and my cousin to model for him for his project in school. It requires us to be made up from simple to extravagant and to extra-ordinary. I for one was very excited for this because this was somehow my very first "modeling stint". haha You all guys know how frustrated I am to be a model/fashion designer right? So, yeah...please do forgive me for my weird stares and poses. I'm new to this, okay? :)

So, this is how we translate the word "simple"....

 (John lloyd lang ang peg oh :)))
 Of course I also have my own set of photos! hahaha! I can't believe I look so "sweet" here :)) Oh the power of make-up :)) hahaha
 Ohhh!! I also styled myself :) So basically it's my first modeling and styling stint :)

Well I hope you guys liked these first set of photos. I honestly am happy with the outcome of the photoshoot. I believe that we have the best team :)

Photography: Nico Paule
Hair and Make-up : Randal Razon 
I guess that ends "Simple". Stay tuned for the next set of extravagant and extra-ordinary photos! I'll be blogging about it soon :)

(all photos are my cousin's and not my brother's because he haven't gave me his set of photos)

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November 04, 2012

Ellen Tracy

Shoes are every lady's best friend, well diamonds are, but who can resist a cute pair of booties right?:) Well, if you're looking for Stylish, Fashionable, Lightweight and Comfortable shoes, YES! you read that right...COMFORTABLE!! Go and check out Ellen Tracy shoes, they have the most comfortable yet stylish pairs of shoes. 

Usually, when people look for comfort, the style of the pairs are not as fashionable and wearable as what those sky-high heels can give us, but with Ellen Tracy you can absolutely wear it with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your pair of Ellen Tracy NOW!! (Ellen Tracy can be found at Macy's or online )

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October 24, 2012

Reunited and it feel so good :)

Last Saturday was officially the last day of our periodical week but not yet the start of our break :( We still have classes up until the 30th :| It really sucks but oh well...it's our last year in high school, might as well cherish every moment huh? :) hahaha 

Because of that, my classmates from last year thought of having a mini-reunion it's cause we haven't bond for almost a year and we really miss each other :( (Yes, we're still schoolmates and all! We just want to take a break and chat with each other! hahaha)

Oh the joy :) Everyone that night was all laughs :)

 work it gurl :)

I have the CUTEST friends :D gosh!! they're gonna kill me when they see this :D hahaha! love you guys :D

As for my outfit that night...I was supposed to wear a yellow dress to match my Jeffrey Campbell booties but the ensemble was way too formal that I had to change into this green romper. My outfit reminded me of baseball and football players haha. I guess it's cause of my knee high socks which totally changed the look of my outfit :)

These photos taken while waiting for our fetchers :))) My tummy was extremely sick from all the food that I need to move around and divert my attention :)) hahaha!!
I wasn't shy to pose in front of the camera cause it's already closing time!! :p
outfit details : Romper (random from china) UniQlo (socks) Jeffrey Campbell (Lita booties) Swatch (watch)

I guess...after months of not blogging now, I'm back on track:) 

Oh have you noticed my new layout? well..what do you think? is it a job well done? :D tweet me your insights and I'm most delighted to answer your tweets :D 

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***photos grabbed from alyssa and kaelin :)***

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