January 06, 2013


During December, one of the things that my family looks forward to except for Christmas Eve is New Year's Eve. Let's admit that it's more fun celebrating the "eves" of occasions than the day itself, right? :D

 Well anyway....on New Year's Eve, my family decided on that WE WILL NOT BUY FIREWORKS/FIRECRACKERS! why? Well....we've been traumatized with the endless precautions regarding fireworks + nowadays, buying those is just a waste of money. So we all decided to have a simple dinner with loud music :)

Hold your horses...i know you're confused right now :))) That firecracker above was our purchase 2 years ago...yes! My dad was crazy back then! He bought this and wasted a looooooot of money:| I posted this photo because I want everyone to see that there exist a Giant firecracker!! :))))

So anyway...back to my story...What we only did that NYE was we went outside and watched our neighbors light up their fireworks!!

 Of course...I wouldn't want to celebrate NY in a simple outift (shirt and shorts) so I decided that I should dress up for 2013!

Sweater: Forever21
skirt and wedge : Cotton on
bag: Coach
bangles: Wade
ring: H&M
lippy: Avon

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HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS :) Always remember that even though we've gone through a lot of downs last 2012, the best is yet to come in 2013, there's still hope for a better life :) Just Remember to  Live your life like it's your last!

Glam Freak ;)

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