November 29, 2012


Last Thursday, my brother asked me and my cousin to model for him for his project in school. It requires us to be made up from simple to extravagant and to extra-ordinary. I for one was very excited for this because this was somehow my very first "modeling stint". haha You all guys know how frustrated I am to be a model/fashion designer right? So, yeah...please do forgive me for my weird stares and poses. I'm new to this, okay? :)

So, this is how we translate the word "simple"....

 (John lloyd lang ang peg oh :)))
 Of course I also have my own set of photos! hahaha! I can't believe I look so "sweet" here :)) Oh the power of make-up :)) hahaha
 Ohhh!! I also styled myself :) So basically it's my first modeling and styling stint :)

Well I hope you guys liked these first set of photos. I honestly am happy with the outcome of the photoshoot. I believe that we have the best team :)

Photography: Nico Paule
Hair and Make-up : Randal Razon 
I guess that ends "Simple". Stay tuned for the next set of extravagant and extra-ordinary photos! I'll be blogging about it soon :)

(all photos are my cousin's and not my brother's because he haven't gave me his set of photos)

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