October 24, 2012

Reunited and it feel so good :)

Last Saturday was officially the last day of our periodical week but not yet the start of our break :( We still have classes up until the 30th :| It really sucks but oh well...it's our last year in high school, might as well cherish every moment huh? :) hahaha 

Because of that, my classmates from last year thought of having a mini-reunion it's cause we haven't bond for almost a year and we really miss each other :( (Yes, we're still schoolmates and all! We just want to take a break and chat with each other! hahaha)

Oh the joy :) Everyone that night was all laughs :)

 work it gurl :)

I have the CUTEST friends :D gosh!! they're gonna kill me when they see this :D hahaha! love you guys :D

As for my outfit that night...I was supposed to wear a yellow dress to match my Jeffrey Campbell booties but the ensemble was way too formal that I had to change into this green romper. My outfit reminded me of baseball and football players haha. I guess it's cause of my knee high socks which totally changed the look of my outfit :)

These photos taken while waiting for our fetchers :))) My tummy was extremely sick from all the food that I need to move around and divert my attention :)) hahaha!!
I wasn't shy to pose in front of the camera cause it's already closing time!! :p
outfit details : Romper (random from china) UniQlo (socks) Jeffrey Campbell (Lita booties) Swatch (watch)

I guess...after months of not blogging now, I'm back on track:) 

Oh have you noticed my new layout? well..what do you think? is it a job well done? :D tweet me your insights and I'm most delighted to answer your tweets :D 

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***photos grabbed from alyssa and kaelin :)***

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