October 24, 2012

I'm BACK :)

Oh STRESS...the things we do, feel and experience for school! For the past few weeks, as you all know,  I've been MIA because of, well..., school! I don't know why but this year seems to be hell of a stressful year. With all of the entrance tests need to be taken for college, the extra activities that I've joined in, the pile of school works that I need to accomplish everyday...YES! everyday and I'm not even being OA. My senior year seems to be the PERFECT (sarcastic person over here)  year to end my high school life.:)

So to be honest, I'm blogging today because I wanna unwind! (and I didn't attend school today because of my eye! don't want to elaborate what happened but I'm sure that I'm fine :D )   I'm squeezing a blog post to my busy schedule because I haven't done this for weeks or I think even months. So yeah, please forgive me! hahaha!

 I really love the design of my top..it looks so vintage :)
I opt for a rocker-chic vibe with this outfit! Mixing black, white and gold it's something out of my comfort zone :)
Oh...Sorry for the low quality pictures! didn't have time to take outfit shots outside! (yes! i'm that busy) 
Outfit Details : Oxygen (top) Forever 21 (shorts and spiked bangle) Schubar (heels)

more blog posts coming up...stay tuned :) 
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Glam Freak :)

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