August 22, 2012

Is it Christmas Already?

It's August and the "Ber" months are fast approaching, I guess this explains why I just did a fashion risk that no one (or maybe a few) would put up. Well, all I can say that Fashion is already a risk so why limit yourself with something that you're comfortable with, right? :)

 (please don't mind my tired eyes, it's already our exams and I haven't had a complete sleep)

My outfit is actually a combination of pastel green, red, and pastel pink. OMG right?? :p I freaking rule color blocking :)) kidding :p
 I wore ZERO accessories cause I came from school and I didn't have the time to pack for accessories last night! This was actually a last minute outfit. So yeah, kudos to me right? :p
 (top: cotton on | pants: zara | shoes: rubi)
 I tied a knot cause my top was way too loose. One great quick fix :)
btw, this pink leatherette flats are from Rubi, the store from Singapore, and I got them for a bargain (i think for SG$10 approx. 300pesos .) :) When I visited SG last June, everything was on sale, from clothes to shoes to bags! IT'S HEAVEN :) So, yeah, the thing is, you don't have to spend a lot to buy good finds :)


xoxo, Glam Freak :)

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