August 19, 2012

It's our time to give back :)

You guys all knew that the Philippines experienced extreme weathers for the past couple of weeks which cause the provinces and cities to be flooded. With the rain showers given by the monsoon, Pampanga was one of the most affected provinces because Pampanga is one of the catch basins of the Philippines. Because of what happened to the victims, my family wanted to help the people to give back and thank God for our blessings, cause honestly, during the monsoon, we were all safe,we did experienced a little bit of flood but it's nothing compared to what others had gone thru.

still flooded :(

 Okay,so you guys may be wondering, why of all provinces and cities affected, We chose to help Pampanga? Well, it's cause we're from Pampanga and we can't stand to see them suffer from the calamity. My cousin, Ate Apple organized and coordinated with the people from Pampanga, and true enough they really needed help with food and basic needs.

Rescuers and volunteers :)

When we arrived at the center, alot of people started to wonder who we were. When they figured that we're going to give out reliefs, I saw this hope on their faces and that really made me happy. For the reason that,with the little things we do, we can change other people's lives and make them happy.

 Those girls wearing yellow are my bestfriends :> sooo happy that they got the chance to help us out:)

Even this girl got her set of goodies :) So happy to see them happy...I just wish that they would throw these plastic bags in their proper places.

Of course, I won't end this post without a little bit of drama ;)) hahaha!! 

xoxo, Glam Freak

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