May 28, 2012

Fan Girl Moment

Hi Guys!! I know.. I know.. I've been MIA for a month or so,'s because I've been through a lot of things which I can't elaborate right now :p haha make things lighter... I'm going to post about my fangirl moment :)

If you guys are fond of watching Filipino Series...I'm sure you know this show  entitled "Walang Hanggan" (never ending in english) and you would probably recognize this ACTOR that I blushed and gushed on during the night of my fangirling :">

I think you guys have guessed who that was...:"> It's no other than the handsome, kind and YUMMY ;) (you'll get the yummy part if you've seen his Nescafe commercial, haha) COCO MARTIN :)

Honestly... I wasn't supposed to meet Coco Martin because my mom left me at home because I had a friend over during the day, but since the opportunity was right in front of me... I really annoyed my mom and ask her to fetch me. Luckily, my sister wanted to come too so she was the one who fetched me at home:)

Can you imagine...when I saw Coco Martin.. I was Kilig + Starstrucked + Kilig + Kilig the whoooole time :> I was like bring my "pakipot" self :p
Coco Martin was so kind and so down-to-earth, that I got the courage to ask him if I could hug him and he said YES :"> ( i'm getting all mushy and gushy again:"> )

 Richard Yap aka Papa Chen was also there :)
This is a blurred group photo with Coco Martin and Richard Gomez (spot Coco's hand!! :"> well...all I can say is... I.Could.Die.Now hahaha)

Well, I want to thank Tita Bogs and Tita Toby for giving me this Fangirl Moment :) haha

Oh yeah...

So...I know you guys can't get enough of Coco Martin, right?? and you guys want to know the brand of clothes he's wearing, right??

then..go to the nearest mall and check out WADE SHOES AND ACCESSORIES 
because Coco Martin and Georgina Wilson are totally LOVING their Shoes and Accessories from WADE :) Please do check their Facebook page and be the first one to catch the latest news about Coco and Georgina :)

xoxo, Glam Freak 

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