May 31, 2012

PFW day 4 - Oxygen

I really want to thank DAS and the DAS sisters for giving me 2 invites for the Oxygen Show last Friday :)
Please do check their Facebook Page to see to die for SHOES!! after all their shoes can kill ;)) haha trust me..their shoes are AMAZING :) So..check their facebook page and get your DAS pair right now!! :)

Anyway, back to the Oxygen Fashion Show. Compared to SM's fashion show, Oxygen has this edge, it's not a girly preppy collection as what SM Ladies had presented on the runway. Oxygen has this rocker-chic and "angas-vibe" to their clothes. The collection isn't just black and white but Oxygen has proved that you can be tough even f you're wearing colors :)

supermodel Danica Magpantay ended the show with this fierce outfit 

with LK and DG :):) they're soooo kind :")

I had so much fun with my PFW experience :) I hope I'd get to attend and see you guys at PFW next season :)

Glam Freak :)

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