June 20, 2012

DIY Diaries : Rugged Shortsies

I have these extra pairs of white shorts for quite sometime now, they were passed on to me by my aunt but i wasn't really using all of them. Soooo out of boredom and insomnia, I decided to make my own Rugged Shortsies :)

 You'll Need :
  • Extra Pair of (maong or any tough cloth)Shorts / Old Pants (the white one)
  •  Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Very Sharp Scissors
  • "Pattern" (the floral shorts)
  1.  Get your Pattern (in my case, the floral shorts) Use that as a guide on how long or short your pair is going to be.
  2. You then get your pencil and ruler and draw a visible line just like what I have in the picture.

         3. Now use the scissors to cut through the line. Be sure to be EXTRA CAREFUL because I had  a booboo myself :( 

 4. Of course you'll to the same on the other leg :)
 5. Once you've cut through both legs, You'll have this result, pockets still intact :)
6. As you can see, It isn't rugged enough yet and our goal is to have that rugged shortsies right? so that leads us to...
7. (BE EXTRA EXTRA CAREFUL PLEASE) We'll make that rugged effect.
8. Use the scissors or blade (i recommend the usage of blade because it'll be a lot easier) In my case I used a pair of scissors because I don't have a blade on hand.
9. Use the tip of the scissors to scratch the cloth. Make sure you do it in one direction ONLY (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
 Take Note: If you're doing this for the first time, PRACTICE first on the extra cloth that you've cut so not to make any mistakes ;);)

 10: Now after doing those rugged patches, it's time to do the hem of the shorts. Do the same thing with the hem, use the tip of your blade and do diagonal scratches to achieve that stringy hem :)

11. After that, make sure that your shorts are extremely rugged to achieve that rugged biker chic look ;)

**you may use a cardboard or anything sturdy to make the scratching process easier and to have your shorts safe :)**

 Here's my finish product :)

I hope you guys would try making your own rugged shortsies :) tweet me a picture of your finish product @denmamille okay? :) HAVE FUN!! :D

Glam Freak :)

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