June 20, 2012

Was a little disappointed

I'm writing this not because I want to rant about things and make them look bad but I'm writing this entry because I'm kinda disappointed with what I experienced last tuesday, June 19,2012.

Last June 19, We arrived at the Changi International Airport terminal 2 at Singapore. We were on our way home. Since we were an hour early, the check-in counters were still close. So we had this opportunity to roam around the airport to buy goodies to bring home to the Philippines. My mom, sister and I decided to go to Bee Cheng Hiang (a chinese store that sells beef jerky and other chinese goodies). We went there to see what to buy. We were assisted by this Chinese old lady, maybe at her 50s, she was really accommodating and nice, so we just had to buy because of her good assistance. That lady asked me if I'm from Indonesia, and I said no, I am from the Philippines. The lady together with her co-leagues use their language (chinese) to say mean things and laughing their asses out behind our backs not knowing I understand every word they utter. I then told them in English that I'm from the Philippines but I'm also Chinese and I study at a Chinese school. They didn't believe me and thought I was just fooling them. Then one guy (a staff) asked me if I understand Chinese and if I can speak the language (talking to me in chinese), and the lady who assisted us told her co-league in Chinese that of course she speaks Chinese, studying in a Chinese school then not knowing how to speak, I then laughed when I heard their conversation, and that was the time that they believed me that I understood them. With that, I got this courage to brag and be proud ( I know it's the wrong thing to do but they were mean to us) and I told them that I studied at Xiamen for 3 months. Actually I kinda lied because I was asked where I studied, I told them I studied at Xiamen University because I totally forgot where I studied (btw, I went to Hua Jiao University) but that's alright, as long as I made them look bad and feel stupid, Sorry I hate people who under estimates me. When they heard everything, they were amazed and kept their mouths shut until we left. I then told my mom that they were freaking obnoxious because they were talking behind our backs.

I just feel that these staffs shouldn't be this rude to their customers and not talk behind people's backs because first, they're working inside the airport and different nationalities passes through this airport and this may be Singapore's downfall. Singapore is known for their honesty and "fine" city, so I guess people acting like these would make Singapore look bad to the tourists.

May this be a lesson to everyone not to talk behind people's back. If you had to, make sure to whisper the things that you have to say because sometimes you may be surprised of the outcome of what you did or say.

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