June 23, 2012

Sleepless Nights

Last Saturday, My family and I went on a last minute getaway. My mom actually planned everything last last week and we knew about the trip 2 days before our flight and we didn't have plans where to go!! (fyi, we ended up having a cramped day! squeezed in 2 activities in a day) We were Singapore bound, our flight was at 6am and we need to leave the house at around 2am! So, imagine us sleepless (we decided not to sleep because we knew that we wouldn't be able to wake up at that time) and starving! I was also too lazy to dress up so I decided to wear my ever-so-trusted lace shorts and this comfy leopard print top and I wore pink flats to add color plus this flats are tooooooo comfy! I promise :)

 ( leopard print top: Cotton On | lace shorts: Forever 21| pink ballet flats and bag : Nine West )

I was so lazy that I didn't even bother wearing any accessories :( Sorry :( I'm only wearing my baller and a scrunchie :) 

In times like these (out of town/ country trips, exercising, doing sports, hot days) it's best to always keep your hair tidy and up, that's why my scrunchie is not leaving my hand;) we're like Siamese twins! haha! As for the "Like A Boss" baller, well it's from a friend and it means a lot to me so it'll stay there forever or at least until it's intact :p hahaha

By the way, highway! (okay i just made a joke! :| ) Please do hype my looks in lookbook.nu :)

Glam Freak :)

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Hazel Mamaril said...

How long is the trip from Philippines to Singapore? I might drop by there to visit my French friend. LOL