June 27, 2012

Red Roses

With all honesty, I'm not a music addict. I listen to music everyday BUT I'm not updated to new songs and new artists. Usually, my friends are the ones who introduce me to new songs, they are the ones who make me download this and that. Honestly, I feel like I'm a loser whenever I don't know a certain song. hahaha :p So with that, I came up with this idea of maybe posting MY new found artists. It maybe a famous artist or a newbie. Anything really goes :)

So tonight, I'll be featuring my new love. He doesn't only sing awesome songs but he also makes them. Yes! you heard that right, He composes songs too :) ( how dreamy is that? huh?) I, discovered him thru twitter and thru my twitter friends. He's known for having a crush on Emma Watson,that's why he even made a song for her!(sweet right? ) I guess if you're a fan just like me, you know who he is:) YES!! it's no other than AJ RAFAEL.

(photo credits: google [droku])

Arthur Joseph Rafael a.k.a. AJ Rafael is a Filipino-American musician based in California. He started out in Youtube, where he got to express his love for music :) He had his concert in Manila last January which I wasn't able to attend :( it really sucks!! Up until now, I'm regretting that I didn't get to see him perform live. That's why I begged my friend, who got to attend his concert, to buy me an album and let AJ sign it. 


(sorry for the blurred photo :( took this using my phone )

Fortunately my friend was able to get AJ, Noah, Danny and Andrew's autograph! Thank you Kevin! I owe you alot ;)

I honestly loved everything in this Red Roses album but of course I have my favorite songs too. I personally like Five Hundred Days, We Could Happen, Emma Watson and Red Roses. I love how he wrote these songs, they're like, for lack of words, "chill songs" hahaha! I feel so relaxed whenever I listen to his songs :) 

So yeah, if you don't know who AJ Rafael is, You better start watching his videos on Youtube and subscribe HERE 
Like his Facebook page HERE
Follow him on twitter HERE
because I'm certain that you'll love love loooooooove him!!! :D

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Glam Freak:)

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