July 03, 2012

A Fashpiration : Ispiria

While I was browsing thru the looks on lookbook, doing the usual HYPE-ing and getting ideas from different style enthusiasts, I came across this interesting guy. He has this unique sense of style, he's not your usual boy-next-door which, I think, made him very interesting. Honestly, what really caught my eye is when I saw his DIY skull shirt. I was in awe that he pulled off that cut out skull shirt. The first thing I said was "OMG! I really admire this guy". 

Well, I don't want to keep you guys guessing, He's no other than Gabriele Franko.

SEE!! I told you! I was in shocked too when I found out that he DIYed his shirt! Awesome right? :)

Well... I don't just admire him because of his looks and outifts, I also admire him for sharing his ideas, from shoes to clothes and even to other bloggers, thru his facebook page and blog :) I hope someday, he'll see this blog post and say yes to an interview :) Trust me guys, this guy is really fashionable, creative and has an eye for art :)

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Thankies :)

Glam Freak :)


Gabriele F. said...

Oh Gosh you're so sweet! Thanks for supporting me the way you do! thank you so much!

When you want, you can send an interview to me on my gmail account gabriele.franko@gmail.com


denise marie said...

no biggie gabriele :) stay awesome okay? :)