July 20, 2012

Bright Neon Lights

Yesterday, my cousins kidnapped me, well they technically just forced me to come with them. hahaha!  They wanted me to come with them to the opening of SM San Fernando in Pampanga. So I,  just came home from taekwondo (YES! I do taekwondo ), rushed my way to take a bath and find an outfit. I was literally screaming and panicking because I've got nothing to wear. BUT...a miracle happened, I saw this Rainbow dress :) I was like... "OMG! THIS IS PUUURFECT" haha. So yeah, I grabbed this dress + blue heels + fuchsia watch = AWESOME NEON OUTFIT :p I guess being in a rush made this outfit more fabulous :p

This outfit my seem a "normal-looking-boring-kind" of dress but wait until you see my back;)) haha

So yeah, Please do hype my look at lookbook :)
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Hazel Mamaril said...

Oh hey there qq. Hope you check out my blog too. <3
Nice wedges qurl.

denise marie said...

what's your blog gurl? btw...thanks :)