July 29, 2012

I see blue in chess

My mom was invited to come to the Louis Vuitton Event last saturday. So she decided to ask me to come with her. Again, since we have classes on a Saturday, I have to rush my way home and find a good outfit. Good thing my sister has this beautiful sheer top which I was really thankful for. It was also rainy that time, so long sleeves top is really the perfect piece. Sadly I didn't get to take pictures of the event cause you know, it's LV. 

But yeah, after the event, we went to BGC to eat dinner. We at TGI Fridays and had the YUMMIEST dinner ever :9
It was raining hard so I didn't get to roam aroung and take a lot of pictures. Sorry for this, I edited the original picture, so yeah... i know it sucks but oh well :)
Saturdate with my mom and brother at Fridays :) 

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thank you :) love love love

xoxo, Glam Freak


Anonymous said...

I beg to disagree that you cant't take photos during a LV event

denise marie said...

Yes you do have a point, but the event took place inside the LV shop that's why they didn't allow me to take pictures :)