June 01, 2012

It's subtle yet revealing

Last May 26, my brother Charles had his post birthday celebration at Annapolis Seafood Palace :) Annapolis Seafood Palace is located along Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan, so if you want to eat yummy yet affordable fine dinning Chinese food, I recommend you to try this Chinese Resto :) 

So anyway, My brother's party had this "bookworm" theme since he loves reading books hence my mom thought of this setup :) 

 39 clues birthday cake and cupcakes from Cakes R Us!! 

Honestly..I didn't expect that the cake and cupcakes would look and taste AMAZING :) I recommend the branch at SM North Edsa because they were so accommodating and nice considering that we didn't have an art work before hand so they gave us ideas on what to order :) Thank you for producing wonderful cakes ;)

 See what I mean? Bookworm Theme :)

Wonderful Balloons designed and made by my cousin :) 
You guys should check her FB page : Balloonart Shop

Imagine this place without balloons...it would be BARE and SAD :(  Balloons can really make everything happier and jollier :) So if you have your parties coming... be sure to check my cousin's FB page and inquire for amazing balloon arrangements :)

 the birthday boy and my cousin, the balloonart shop owner :)

So here's the reason for the title of my blog post :)  Heehee :") I'm kinda shy :p

 Got everything from Forever 21 :)

Please hype my look :) 

I'm sure you guys noticed that this isn't the usual birthday dinner that you guys are having (well...that's what some people are telling me :p ) , well because it's my mom's nature to decorate every party that we're having. My mom has this thing that she won't settle for a simple birthday dinner, one way or another she wouldn't go for a bare venue :)

Glam Freak :)

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